Love that Lasts: 27 Years & Counting

In a world of celebrity gossip hyper-focused on break-ups and divorce…it warms my heart when I hear about a celebrity couple showing that love can stand the test of time.

Keep the Cake would like to wish Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick “Happy 27th Anniversary!

Kevin & Kyra were married on September 4, 1988. He was 29 and she was 23. They were married the same year that they both starred in the movie “Lemon Sky.”


It is not the number of years between 1988 and 2015 that blows my mind. It is the fact that Kevin seems to be more in love with Kyra today than he did 27 years ago. He made headlines yesterday professing his love for Kyra to the world. Check out this article from the Huffington Post talking about their anniversary and featuring an adorable photo of the lovebirds as a  young couple:

Kevin Bacon Adorably Reminds Us He’s Been Kyra Sedgwick’s Husband For 27 Years

Also read their Engagement Announcement as it was featured in the NY Times in the spring of 1988:

Kyra M. Sedgwick And Kevin Bacon, Actors, Engaged

And remember you most likely are less than 6 Degrees away from someone who attended that beautiful wedding 27 years ago! Cheers Kevin & Kyra!


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