Get on the Calendar ASAP: Save the Dates


The distance between the day I became engaged and the day I married my husband was 8 months. It was my senior year of college and I magically was able to balance wedding planning and college thesis papers. I lie. It was not magical. My husband was super fiance and took the lead on a lot of the planning.

I was not the norm. Modern engagements can last two or three years; with wedding planning consuming upwards of 18 months or more. What does this mean? Save the Dates become a standard requirement for weddings. If you are unsure if you should send out a Save the Date, here are couple questions to ask yourself:


  • Is your wedding a destination wedding? Will it require majority of your guests to reserve hotel rooms and/or airline tickets? You need to give your guests time to plan for this expense.
  • Is your wedding during a popular time of year for vacations? Is your wedding scheduled during the summer season? Your guests may pay for their summer vacation trip months before their vacation. If you can get on their calendar before they choose their vacation you can hope that they can plan around your wedding.
  • Is your wedding on a holiday weekend? Is your wedding on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend or another national holiday weekend? Your guests may be planning on attending or hosting an event to celebrate the holiday. If they know ahead of time, maybe they can postpone until next year to host their annual 4th of July Cookout.
  • Is your wedding on a weekday? Is your wedding on a Friday night or on a special day that is not during a weekend? Maybe you want to get married on your grandparents’ anniversary but this year it is on a Thursday. If your guests are aware of the date with plenty of notice, maybe they can schedule to take the day off work or to leave work early.
  • Is your wedding formal or child-free? Does your wedding have special requirements? Have you set up your wedding to be black tie or no children “allowed?” Give your guests plenty of time to shop for a formal dress or arrange child care. Or perhaps you have another unique request that it could benefit your guests to have more time to plan and prepare.

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