We Can Sell Your Bridesmaid Dress & More!

Do you really wear your bridesmaid dresses again?  If you’re like me then sadly the answer is no.  There are no very formal events that I attend regularly and my size was different for every dress especially that very soon after pregnancy one…  I have ONE dress that I will definitely wear again.  It was a custom made, vintage cotton sundress that I could wear for any event.  It was the perfect choice for the hot outdoor summer wedding I was part of.  If you have worn your dress again comment below and tell us where!

Bridesmaids in mixed dressesMix and match bridesmaid dress styles are very popular right now which will make selling your dress even easier! I personally love the look and love that each bridesmaid can choose something they really feel beautiful wearing.  Consider contacting the other bridesmaids to join  Keep the Cake our wedding consignment fair with you.  If there are a few in the same color range to pick from it will help your dress sell faster!  And of course as the shower and bachelorette party planner I’m sure you have left over supplies that you don’t know what to do with.  Do you have a unopened paper plates,  a handmade card holder,  themed decorations, a maid of honor tee-shirt? We’ll sell those too!



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