About Us

As friends since high school, we have attended, participated in and planned many weddings and milestone celebrations. We love crafting memorable events, but we soon realized that after the party is over and the guests go home happy, you are left with a TON of party supplies.

Then one day it dawned on us that we are not alone. There are many women and men out there who also spent a lot of time and money creating the perfect table setting or beautiful ribbon-draped ceiling for their weddings….only to feel stuck with numerous space-consuming items afterwards!

THINK ABOUT IT:  Do you have 25 white table cloths or 50 twine-wrapped Mason jars just sitting around? You are in luck! We have created one venue that brides, grooms and bridesmaids can sell their DIY masterpieces, wedding supplies, dresses, shower decor and more!  While online sales and Craigslist posts are a hassle for sellers and impersonal for buyers, our event is set up  for ease of use and a limited time commitment. AND no shipping fragile items is required!

We invite you to sell your Wedding Treasures, not Wedding Memories! You can Keep the Cake.

Keep the Cake can sell everything from your wedding but the wedding cake!

Keep the Cake is not a yard sale or flea market; we are a unique wedding event offering everything you need for a wedding at a discount.

Keep the Cake provides an interactive experience to new brides and grooms to shop for their wedding in person, among beautiful DIY examples, compared to shopping online at home.

Keep the Cake offers a valuable service to recent brides and grooms to sell their wedding treasures, and to receive a portion of the sales price, without the inconvenience of selling online.

We believe in DIY Weddings “Handcrafted with Love” and we hope you do too!

Love always,
Keep the Cake Fairy Godmothers & Magic Matchmakers