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Do you have candy buffet glassware? Do you have tablecloths or leftover ribbon? What about chalkboard signs? Or even a stack of wedding magazines? Sell them ALL in one day with Keep the Cake.

Mason Jars



chair covers and table cloths

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Don’t forget we sell more than Wedding Decor & Supplies! We can also sell your books, magazines, planners, bridal shower decorations, bachelorette party supplies and bride/groom novelty items! Keep the Cake is your “One Stop, Wedding Shop!”

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Do you really wear your bridesmaid dresses again?  If you’re like me then sadly the answer is no.  There are no very formal events that I attend regularly and my size was different for every dress especially that very soon after pregnancy one…  I have ONE dress that I will definitely wear again.  It was a custom made, vintage cotton sundress that I could wear for any event.  It was the perfect choice for the hot outdoor summer wedding I was part of.  If you have worn your dress again comment below and tell us where!

Bridesmaids in mixed dressesMix and match bridesmaid dress styles are very popular right now which will make selling your dress even easier! I personally love the look and love that each bridesmaid can choose something they really feel beautiful wearing.  Consider contacting the other bridesmaids to join  Keep the Cake our wedding consignment fair with you.  If there are a few in the same color range to pick from it will help your dress sell faster!  And of course as the shower and bachelorette party planner I’m sure you have left over supplies that you don’t know what to do with.  Do you have a unopened paper plates,  a handmade card holder,  themed decorations, a maid of honor tee-shirt? We’ll sell those too!



Get on the Calendar ASAP: Save the Dates


The distance between the day I became engaged and the day I married my husband was 8 months. It was my senior year of college and I magically was able to balance wedding planning and college thesis papers. I lie. It was not magical. My husband was super fiance and took the lead on a lot of the planning.

I was not the norm. Modern engagements can last two or three years; with wedding planning consuming upwards of 18 months or more. What does this mean? Save the Dates become a standard requirement for weddings. If you are unsure if you should send out a Save the Date, here are couple questions to ask yourself:


  • Is your wedding a destination wedding? Will it require majority of your guests to reserve hotel rooms and/or airline tickets? You need to give your guests time to plan for this expense.
  • Is your wedding during a popular time of year for vacations? Is your wedding scheduled during the summer season? Your guests may pay for their summer vacation trip months before their vacation. If you can get on their calendar before they choose their vacation you can hope that they can plan around your wedding.
  • Is your wedding on a holiday weekend? Is your wedding on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend or another national holiday weekend? Your guests may be planning on attending or hosting an event to celebrate the holiday. If they know ahead of time, maybe they can postpone until next year to host their annual 4th of July Cookout.
  • Is your wedding on a weekday? Is your wedding on a Friday night or on a special day that is not during a weekend? Maybe you want to get married on your grandparents’ anniversary but this year it is on a Thursday. If your guests are aware of the date with plenty of notice, maybe they can schedule to take the day off work or to leave work early.
  • Is your wedding formal or child-free? Does your wedding have special requirements? Have you set up your wedding to be black tie or no children “allowed?” Give your guests plenty of time to shop for a formal dress or arrange child care. Or perhaps you have another unique request that it could benefit your guests to have more time to plan and prepare.

Check out these articles for more Save the Date tips:

When to Send Out Save the Dates

Mistakes of Sending Out Save the Date Cards 

Love that Lasts: 27 Years & Counting

In a world of celebrity gossip hyper-focused on break-ups and divorce…it warms my heart when I hear about a celebrity couple showing that love can stand the test of time.

Keep the Cake would like to wish Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick “Happy 27th Anniversary!

Kevin & Kyra were married on September 4, 1988. He was 29 and she was 23. They were married the same year that they both starred in the movie “Lemon Sky.”


It is not the number of years between 1988 and 2015 that blows my mind. It is the fact that Kevin seems to be more in love with Kyra today than he did 27 years ago. He made headlines yesterday professing his love for Kyra to the world. Check out this article from the Huffington Post talking about their anniversary and featuring an adorable photo of the lovebirds as a  young couple:

Kevin Bacon Adorably Reminds Us He’s Been Kyra Sedgwick’s Husband For 27 Years

Also read their Engagement Announcement as it was featured in the NY Times in the spring of 1988:

Kyra M. Sedgwick And Kevin Bacon, Actors, Engaged

And remember you most likely are less than 6 Degrees away from someone who attended that beautiful wedding 27 years ago! Cheers Kevin & Kyra!


Quote of the Week: When Harry Met Sally

When Harry


This week’s Quote of the Week comes from one of our favorite romantic comedies of all time. “When Harry Met Sally” starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. If you have not seen it yet, definitely add to your must watch list!

When Harry Met Sally 

We Can Sell Your Jars & More!

Please tell your friends & family that Keep the Cake is a Wedding Consignment Fair & Bridal Expo scheduled for November 7 in Westminster, MD. We are inviting Newlyweds from across the region to participate as sellers. We can sell all of your Wedding Decor, Supplies, Crafts and More! But you can keep your cake!

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Beyond Strapless

When shopping for my wedding dress in 2005, I told myself I would not buy a strapless dress. What did I buy? A strapless dress. So…what happened to my pledge against strapless dresses? I could not find any good choices for fun necklines or sleeves. I have always felt my dress was missing something… and now I know it was more fabric above my cleavage. I am kidding of course, but there is some truth in the uncomfortable feeling I get wearing a strapless dress. I would like to point out that I include spaghetti straps in the same group as strapless because any straps that thin might as well be strapless!

Today, I see that there is an increase in alternatives to strapless wedding dresses and I find myself  acting a little green with envy! I find choices with sleeves beautiful and unique, while some necklines can be showstoppers!


Sheer or Illusion Neckline



V -Neck or Halter Neckline



High Neckline



Off the Shoulder or Portrait Neckline


hawaii-731062_1280 (1)

Queen Anne Neckline


Some styles have more than one name, so be sure to read several different glossaries to be sure you know exactly what you want:

Glossary of Wedding Dress Terms

Find the Perfect Neckline

Wedding Dress Neckline Glossary 

Neckline Style Guide


Mini-Me & Mini-You

How many times in your life can you be miniaturized into a smaller version of yourself chilling as a penguin, flying in balloon or dancing with your sweetheart?  Of course I am talking about Cake Toppers. Today’s creative economy has opened the door to a market where you can buy almost any type of Cake Topper you can imagine. At first glance there are a lot of toppers that are tiny signs, monograms or words  – BUT here at Keep the Cake, we believe in the “Mini-Me & Mini-You” Cake Toppers because they are more fun! And make for a great keepsake!

Here are some of our favorite crafty folks on Etsy who make unique cake toppers:

Tiny Geek specializes in Superheroes, Comic Book Stars and Sci-Fi Characters


Tiny Geeks

Magical Gifties specializes in all animals real or imaginary


Magical Gifties

June Makes specializes in knitted mice – a niche market “but oh so cute”


June Makes

Ana Crafts specializes in personalized couples going on adventures & acting out hobbies


Ana Crafts

Perfect Favours – Modern Spin on Traditional Cake Topper Design


Perfect Favours

Visit Etsy for more handcrafted Cake Toppers…and if you choose a sign or monogram over a “Mini-me & Mini-you” we will not judge….remember its your day! Do what makes you happy!