We can sell your linens and more!

Do you have candy buffet glassware? Do you have tablecloths or leftover ribbon? What about chalkboard signs? Or even a stack of wedding magazines? Sell them ALL in one day with Keep the Cake.

Mason Jars



chair covers and table cloths

We Can Sell Your Bridesmaid Dress & More!

Do you really wear your bridesmaid dresses again?  If you’re like me then sadly the answer is no.  There are no very formal events that I attend regularly and my size was different for every dress especially that very soon after pregnancy one…  I have ONE dress that I will definitely wear again.  It was a custom made, vintage cotton sundress that I could wear for any event.  It was the perfect choice for the hot outdoor summer wedding I was part of.  If you have worn your dress again comment below and tell us where!

Bridesmaids in mixed dressesMix and match bridesmaid dress styles are very popular right now which will make selling your dress even easier! I personally love the look and love that each bridesmaid can choose something they really feel beautiful wearing.  Consider contacting the other bridesmaids to join  Keep the Cake our wedding consignment fair with you.  If there are a few in the same color range to pick from it will help your dress sell faster!  And of course as the shower and bachelorette party planner I’m sure you have left over supplies that you don’t know what to do with.  Do you have a unopened paper plates,  a handmade card holder,  themed decorations, a maid of honor tee-shirt? We’ll sell those too!



We Can Sell Your Jars & More!

Please tell your friends & family that Keep the Cake is a Wedding Consignment Fair & Bridal Expo scheduled for November 7 in Westminster, MD. We are inviting Newlyweds from across the region to participate as sellers. We can sell all of your Wedding Decor, Supplies, Crafts and More! But you can keep your cake!

We Can Sell Your Jars

Why Keep the Cake?

Keep the Cake? Why did we choose this name for our business? Before I explain, let’s talk about wedding cakes.

Why do we practice the tradition of saving the top tier of the wedding cake? The tradition dates back to the 19th century when multi-tier wedding cakes first became popular. Newlyweds would save the top tier of the cake for the next big celebration in the life of a married couple…the christening of their 1st child (since the birth of a baby would typically happen during the 1st year of marriage).

Times have changed and we don’t see many babies born in the 1st year of marriage anymore. The tradition of eating the top tier of the wedding cake has transformed into a celebration of the 1st year of marriage as a whole. You can now refer to the top tier as the “Anniversary Tier.”


One bite and you are transported back to that memorable moment when you fed each other a bite of cake at your reception…or maybe smashed it into your loved one’s face! Flash forward and you both reflect on all of the other memorable moments that have filled your 1st year of marital bliss (the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny). All with one bite of your frozen delight – you think about your past, present and future together.

What does this all mean for Keep the Cake? On the surface it is a simple name. We host wedding consignment fairs where we can sell almost everything from your wedding. We cannot, however, sell your cake. Why? There’s the obvious reason that perishables won’t survive with us… and besides your cake was so delicious I am sure there is nothing left to share! All joking aside, we want the reason we cannot sell your cake to be because that deliciously perfect little top tier is sitting patiently in the freezer, waiting for your 1st Anniversary.

So remember, as you plan on participating with us as a Seller or a Buyer:

Keep the Cake, We Sell the Rest! 

Check out these articles for tips on how to preserve your wedding cake to survive one year in your freezer:

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For more on the History of Cake, including the story of the wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip in 1947, when one tier was eaten on their wedding day & one was kept until the christening of Prince Charles, please read “Wedding Cake: a Slice of History