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Beyond Strapless

When shopping for my wedding dress in 2005, I told myself I would not buy a strapless dress. What did I buy? A strapless dress. So…what happened to my pledge against strapless dresses? I could not find any good choices for fun necklines or sleeves. I have always felt my dress was missing something… and now I know it was more fabric above my cleavage. I am kidding of course, but there is some truth in the uncomfortable feeling I get wearing a strapless dress. I would like to point out that I include spaghetti straps in the same group as strapless because any straps that thin might as well be strapless!

Today, I see that there is an increase in alternatives to strapless wedding dresses and I find myself  acting a little green with envy! I find choices with sleeves beautiful and unique, while some necklines can be showstoppers!


Sheer or Illusion Neckline



V -Neck or Halter Neckline



High Neckline



Off the Shoulder or Portrait Neckline


hawaii-731062_1280 (1)

Queen Anne Neckline


Some styles have more than one name, so be sure to read several different glossaries to be sure you know exactly what you want:

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