Wedding couple with hands onCongratulations, Newlyweds! We know that you spent months planning your DIY Wedding that you Handcrafted with Love. What if all of your wedding treasures and planning efforts could have a second life with another happy couple? We are offering you a chance to sell your unique wedding decor, accessories and other wedding treasures with a new bride and groom!

Join our Wedding Consignment Fair – “Keep the Cake” 

It can be hard to part with your wedding decor, accessories and other special wedding details. We all have been there, home from our honeymoons and looking at our guestrooms thinking, “after all these months of dreaming, planning and creating, how do I let any of this go?”  What if you are unable to keep it all or pass it on to the next bride in your family? Selling online can be a hassle, a waiting game and overwhelming! Consigning with Keep the Cake means no strangers entering your home, no fear of online scams, and no waiting for people to show up.

What if you could pick out your most sentimental pieces to keep and then sell the rest at one time? One weekend, one time commitment, and within weeks, you have a check in hand and an empty guestroom for your new in-laws to visit or maybe just more space to turn it into your craft room.

This is your invitation to sell your Wedding Treasures, not your Wedding Memories!


Keep the Cake is a Wedding Consignment Fair: What does this mean?

  1. Register to become a Wedding Consignee with “Keep the Cake” & pay the registration fee
  2. When ready, enter your items for sale in the My Consignment Manager
  3. After entering all items, the My Consignment Manager will generate Tags for you to print
  4. Tag all of your items.  Attach the tag to your item with a safety pin or tape
  5. Do not tape over the barcodes
  6. Select a Check-in time in My Consignment Manager
  7. Drop off tagged items at the Fair location on one of 2 scheduled days before the event
  8. Return the day after the Fair between 9 AM – 1 PM to pick-up your unsold items
  9. If you do not want to return to pick up unsold items, you have the option to Donate
  10. Within 2 weeks of the Fair, you will receive a check in the mail for your portion of the sales
What can you sell?
Tagging your items

What to Sell

We accept almost everything from your wedding ceremony and reception, plus from the events leading up to your special day!  Wedding Dress Petticoats, Slips or Corsets (in like-new condition and no underwear!)  Bridesmaid Dresses (please consider seeing if multiple bridesmaids will participate with you) Wedding Formal Attire, Flower Girl Dresses & Ring Bearer Suits Shoes […]

Preparing and Tagging

“Visual selling has become very important because of the whole boom in retail, as it immediately attracts the customer” ~ Vikram Sharma For Keep the Cake to be a big success, we need to accomplish 2 goals: Help Newlyweds sell their wedding treasures Help New Brides & Grooms find wedding treasures This means that we need […]

Consignment Terms & Conditions

Keep the Cake Wedding Consignment Fair sells gently used merchandise at less-than-retail prices, with sales split 60/40 with consigner and Keep the Cake. We require a consignment agreement, signed by the owner and by each consigner. This agreement provides the foundation for a mutually beneficial consignment relationship. You will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions of […]