Preparing and Tagging

“Visual selling has become very important because of the whole boom in retail, as it immediately attracts the customer” ~ Vikram Sharma

For Keep the Cake to be a big success, we need to accomplish 2 goals:

  1. Help Newlyweds sell their wedding treasures
  2. Help New Brides & Grooms find wedding treasures

This means that we need to work with you as the Seller to present quality items for sale to receive the price that you want to earn. Think about how your items will look to the buyers. You need to focus on the packaging of your items. Put yourself in the shoes of a bride or groom who might buy your items, what would you be looking for in terms of presentation?

Remember you, as the Seller, will set the price for your items.   Keep the Cake agrees to use its best efforts to sell your goods at the Consignment Fair.  You need to think about Price & Presentation: if you want to receive your asking price, you need to put your best foot forward when preparing your items for sale.

Consider the Following:

  • How will your item stand out from other similar items? (consider grouping items together) 
  • How will a Buyer look at your item to consider purchasing it? (consider how it will be handled)
  • How will a Buyer take your item home after it is purchased? (consider ease of transport & protection from damage) 

more TAGGING TIPS & GUIDELINEs coming soon

Still life with three wedding bouquets and candles, vintage stylized.