What to Sell

We accept almost everything from your wedding ceremony and reception, plus from the events leading up to your special day! 


Wedding Dress
Petticoats, Slips or Corsets (in like-new condition and no underwear!) 
Bridesmaid Dresses (please consider seeing if multiple bridesmaids will participate with you)
Wedding Formal Attire, Flower Girl Dresses & Ring Bearer Suits
Shoes (please wipe down, cannot accept shoes that look in poor condition)
Ceremony Accessories
Candles  & Candle holders
Ring pillows & flower baskets
Runners & Aisle decorations
Altar decorations
Glassware (packaged according to the Tagging guide)
Unopened napkins and cutlery
Cake cutting sets
Centerpiece decor
Vases (packaged according to the Tagging guide)
Chalkboard signs & Wooden signs
Photo Booth Supplies (package items in 1 or 3 gallon size plastic storage bags, no loose items)
Chair Covers & Tablecloths (packaged according to the Tagging guide & note if stained)
Wedding Card Box, Holder or Bird Cage

Large Items from your Ceremony or Reception will be accepted. If you can transport it in your vehicle, we can sell it. We recommend that it is dismantled for easy transport by the buyer. 

scrapbooking craft materials

Craft Supplies (package items in gallon-size plastic storage bags, no loose items)
Lace, Ribbons & Fabric
Scrapbook Supplies (package items in plastic storage bags, no loose items)

Photo Albums & Scrapbooks
Wedding Books, Guides & Planners (planners cannot be written in)
Picture Frames & Photo Displays
Wedding Magazines Dated 2014 or 2015 (good condition or like new)
Bridal shower decor & Engagement party decor
Bachelorette/Bachelor party decor (please keep it appropriate)
Wedding party T-shirts or other labeled accessories

beautifully decorated chairs for the wedding ceremony. Still life with three wedding bouquets and candles, vintage stylized.

NOTE: We know that DIY Weddings can be quite imaginative, so we can’t list ALL of the possible things you might want to sell from your wedding. If you are not sure if an item will be accepted, please feel free to contact us!